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Riverhead Restorative Dentistry – Root Canals Vs Fillings – Affordable Dental Care

Our doctors at Affordable Dental Care are trusted professionals who have a keen eye for tooth sensitivity in all of our patients. If you are experiencing deeply rooted pain in your molars or any of your other teeth, it may have been suggested that you get a root canal. However, it has been our experience that some patients may actually really just need a filling.

If you are coming in with complaints of a tooth ache, we will take a comprehensive approach to finding a solution. Most people have issues with the health of their molars because food can easily get stuck in the area and also because it is oftentimes difficult to brush in the small areas. We will take X-rays to understand your case in a more in-depth manner while also ensuring the health of your gums and jaw bone holding your tooth in question. 

We work hard to create a welcome and personalized experience for all of our patients, no matter the severity of their case. Whether you are seeking a filling in Riverhead, or want a second opinion about getting a root canal, our doctors are more than willing to assist with a treatment plan. We want to make sure that all of our patients are getting the best treatment for their investment.

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